Autumn Vibes

With the equinox only a few days away, we are soon to be entering Autumn, the season of the Metal element in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Like the seasonal cycles of nature, the energy of the body also changes. As we move from a hot and sunny summer to a cool and crispy fall, our yin and yang energy begins to shift as well. This is a time when yang energy moves from a state of full expansion to a gradual state of decline  while our Yin energy increasingly begins to ripen.  

The organ systems related to metal and Fall are the Lung and Large Intestine. Similar to other modalities, the Lung system in TCM is associated with breath and Large Intestine with the elimination of waste. Thus Fall is an ideal time to breathe in new harvest and to let go of what no longer serves us.

 It is also a great time to start nourishing our Yin energy by eating more root vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes.  This ensures a smooth seasonal transition from the cyclical ebb and flow of yang and yin energy; the contrasting yet complimentary pair which create the foundation of life and nature.