Zen Point Acupuncture Welcomes You!

Zen Point Acupuncture offers an integrative whole body approach to treating disease through the use of  acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional therapy and diet and lifestyle recommendations. We are dedicated to providing high quality healthcare which promotes health transformation, disease prevention and whole body rebalancing. 

Our treatment protocols are customized to treat the specific needs of each individual patient based on their particular constitution and unique pattern of presentation.    Each patient has their own private room to relax in with soothing music and aromatherapy to further enhance healing and encourage balance. 

The vast majority of ailments are the result of a chronic imbalance that may take several weekly or bi weekly treatments to successfully overcome, which is why we offer our patients the option to purchase a 5 session treatment package at a reduced rate.   Please note, treatment packages must be used within 120 days of purchase.

Follow up treatments are typically 60 minutes and may include the use of cupping or moxibustion, depending on the individualized needs of the patient.